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Post by mbt9988 on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:11 am

Cangzhou City! " Onitsuka Tiger "Come, pass my command!" Wei Lihuang shouted ordered the body upright, "power forward made seven second division team leader Chuan Xie, so he sent troops to bypass part of Cangzhou north, by all means to me, the south from the Northern Army Jinghai, asics onitsuka tigergive me pin down. half an hour, as long as they can pin down for half an hour, I reported to headquarters, reporting Chinese commander, reported great merit to them, please Yi Medal of blood! " "Command the First Army and all other forces, and immediately onitsukaenter the Cangzhou! Ministries attack without aiting for orders, arrived in James states, immediately joined the battle, however, within an hour I won the Cangzhou City!" Adjutant down command to quickly rush to transmitters.Wei Lihuang military officers at all onitsuka tiger ultimate 81levels will quickly lead the staff to prepare the train, watching the soldiers crowded around the site, are waiting for the delivery of the train, Wei Lihuang extremely anxious to quickly call to correspondent Road, "Give me the messengerEven so the y immediately start, there is no train, just give me a forced march, rush Cangzhou "
Hasonitsuka tiger mexico 66 reached less than five miles outside the city of Cangzhou Chuan Hsieh where the group, Wai Yi Road was destroyed, have turned down from the train on foot, after the receipt of telegrams, Xie Chuan difficult frowned, he belongsGroup one thousand comb atants, although not much loss of capture plant Botou but as a pioneer in the hard fighting back in
Onitsuka Tiger or asics onitsuka tiger or onitsuka or onitsuka tiger ultimate 81 or onitsuka tiger mexico 66


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